Brooklyn-scented jazz fusion led by the Russian guitarist Igor Ochepovsky with his 8-piece band. The result? Progressive music full of catchy grooves!
The “I’m The Wind” album features original songs which mix together the Eastern and Western European cultures together with elements of the jazz tradition. Jazz compositional skills are intertwined with classical European technique and brought together in a modern groove.

Igor Ochepovsky is a composer, music producer and guitarist. Hailing from Russia where he began his creative activity, his reputation is now fast growing in his adopted country of the Czech Republic as a young progressive guitarist.

Before I decided to be a musician, I had been inspired by completely different music genres. Over time I realized that I prefer an eclectic approach, not only in music but in art and also generally in life.

My first music experience was studying classical guitar in music school. Subsequently, I spent some years playing rock and exploring ethnic music. I later made the decision to move to Prague, where I immediately became interested in studying jazz and classical composition, groove and electronic music. Since I was born in Russia, I was influenced by our strong history of classical music, from the likes of Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.

I have always wanted to concentrate on my solo project, where I can create music without limits and explore the possibilities of composition. Fortunately, I was lucky to put together a band with great musicians who I always dreamed of playing with.

The name of the album I’m the Wind is connected to my current state and period of life: the search, exploration, feeling of absence of home (connected with moving to another country, dealing with other mentalities), flying, meditation, lightness. In the music you will hear the diversity of different emotions and feelings. Compositional conception combines jazz, classical and groove music.

“A discovery of latest years.”

Czech Radio Jazz

“Original and impressive.”

National Czech TV

“The fresh jazz wind is called Ochepovsky.”



Booking requests: Maggie Samkova / maggie(at)mattfripp.com
Band website: www.ochepovsky.com